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The first thing to decide is what style of tire you're looking for. If you're happy with the ones you have, we can help you find something similar to keep you going. If you're looking for something new, you have some thinking to do.


High-Performance tires offer a higher speed rating and a fantastic grip. You'll also get excellent wet-weather traction due to the large grooves.


Sport truck tires have all-season treads for all types of weather with optimized traction. They have high speed ratings and are ready for whatever life throws at you.


Driving every day, you want comfort, handling, and reliable performance. All-season tires give you that with symmetrical tread patterns and grooves made for wet weather grip when needed.


Also known as track tires, competition tires are designed with performance in mind. They're made to help you race with the best of them. Competition tires aren't meant for daily driving.


When you've figured out what style of tire you want, the next is to figure out what size of tire will fit your ride.

The place to start with that is with the tire rating. If you look at the side of your current tires, you'll see something like this:

Tire Size Explanation


The width of the tire, in millimeters. Sometimes there is a letter before this number. A P stands for Passenger tire, LT for light truck, and ST for special trailer, like a fifth wheel.


The aspect ratio of the tire, which is the height of the sidewall measured from the wheel rim to the top of the tread, expressed as a percentage of tire width. In this example, the sidewall is 55% as high as the tire is wide.


The construction type of the tire. R is for radial, and D is for tires with diagonal piles. Some run-flat tires are listed as FR. Most tire types are radial (R).


The wheel diameter, in inches.


The tire's load index, or how much weight it can support. A rating of 91 can support just over 1,350 pounds.


The speed rating of the tire, or maximum speed for the tire. A speed rating of V is 149 MPH.

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Wheel Diameter

We're talking about the visual size of your wheels. From 15", perfect for everyday driving to 26" rims, for those large off-road tires, we've got every wheel size you need to create your perfect ride.

Changing the size of your rims will completely switch up your ride's look, and it can change your ride's height, too.

Tire Sidewall Height

Wheel diameter isn't the only thing affecting your vehicle's height and how it rides.

Measured in millimeters, a higher tire sidewall gives you a smoother road feel and a taller overall vehicle height. A lower sidewall and lower overall height will have a stiff road feel.

Make sure you choose your new rims keeping tire sidewall height in mind, so you can get what you need.

Backspacing or Offset

If you change your wheel width, you must also change your required offset.

They must have the correct mounting location to ensure that your rims don't hit your vehicle while you drive.

Backspacing is the measurement from the rear of the rim to the mounting surface, and offset is the mounting surface measured from the rim's center.

If the mounting surface is more inward—or has a reduced backspace—the rim will sit further away from the vehicle. A mounting surface further from the vehicle will pull the tire in closer.

Wheel Width

You can change your wheel width, but that doesn't mean you should. Each wheel and tire was made with its optimal width in mind, and the stock width ensures that your rims won't hit your vehicle while turning, driving, or during suspension travel.

Lug Nuts

Lugs might look alike, but the stud pattern and lug size will change for every vehicle.

The lug mounting angles must match the rim's mounting surface, and the thread size and thread pitch must match the studs used on your vehicle.

Center Bore

Sometimes, wheels use the wheel hub's center bore as an extra-secure mounting surface to help keep the rim centered during installation.

If your vehicle was designed with a center bore in mind, you must buy a wheel with an available center bore.

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